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Informativa sulla Privacy

Each personal data will be used by Osteria da Giovanna in full respect of fundamental principles dictated by Legislative Decree D.Lgs. n. 196/03 "Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali".
This page is the Informative under article 13 given to those who interact with our web services, which describes the arrangements for managing of personal data of users who surf or interacting with the government to use the services.
For any clarification or support not available at our website Please consult the official website of the Privacy Guarantor.


This notice only for the site and not for other web sites visited by using links.


Owner and the person responsible are Osteria da Giovanna, which is seated in via Anconetana 164 - loc. La Pace - 52100 Arezzo (AR).


Our staff involved is aware of the obligations and responsibilities provided for by law and by this information, and is provided by the owner of an exclusive access. Nel caso di esternalizzazione di qualche processo tecnico ad aziende terze, è nostra cura verificare che al relativo personale non sia comunque possibile l'accesso diretto al contenuto dei dati. In the case of outsourcing of some technical process to third companies, we carefully check that its staff is not possible direct access to the content of data. Sarà altresì nostra cura verificarne la cancellazione al termine di tali rapporti. We will also carefully verify the cancellation at the end of these reports.


Do not come to us with sensitive data or judicial. If this happens, it will be completely anonymous and never without your explicit consent.


The compilation and dispatch, optional, voluntary and express our web pages and to our e-mail addresses, involves the acquisition of personal data included in the page and the address of the sender. Specific information will appear in the pages of the site designated for special services on demand.


Not abusiamo absolutely of these tools to compromise the user's privacy. Below some details on:

- Browsing Data

Technical data relating to the type of navigation can be collected for the sole purpose of optimizing the use of the site.

- Cookie

Cookies are spaces of your computer that we use to save some values, some (persistent cookies) which persist after browsing, others (session cookies) that are automatically erased at the close of the window. We use persistent cookies to save preferences anonymously allowing access more immediate future. We use cookies session to ensure the authenticity of his identification, and allow for the transmission of any Sue choices in a manner less exposed externally. Now you understand how disabling cookies is only against your interest.

- Access

A register of access is preserved for a short time to establish liability in the event of a hypothetical crimes.


The operations we conducted involving collection, storage or processing of your personal data, are aimed at:
- manage and execute any transactions of goods / services offered by our site you requested
- comply with the requirements of the law, regulation or legislation
- manage the account you created
- judicial Authority-providing the information requested
- enhance and develop the site bidding
- communicate news, promotions, and updates the site
- administrative requirements
- statistical analysis, market research and economic analysis


Treatment modalities happen with electronic automated mode except paper or interventions of our authorized personnel so far as necessary by the nature of the transaction or from legal obligations. Specific technical and behavioral measures of safety are regulated by one of our DPS (Programmatic Document on Security) to prevent the loss of data, abuse or incorrect and unauthorized access.


The treatments related to the services on this web site are both at the headquarters of Osteria da Giovanna is at the premises of outsiders only for purposes of management technique, which Osteria da Giovanna attuned to the outsourcing of certain technical processes. We reserve the possibility of using foreign companies based in the EU or in the USA, after verification of their reliability and reputation, and the existence of their rules on privacy.


Under Article 11.b given and each will be canceled or converted into anonymously to the exhaustion of their usefulness for the purposes of the point 5.


The granting of consent to the processing of personal data only for the purposes set out in paragraph 5 is necessary. In the event of refusal we shall not erogarLe Web Services Osteria da Giovanna. Wherever possible, however, can be made available free to choose how you prefer.


We recognizes to our users all rights of access to their personal data provided in art.7 d.lgs 196/03. Our site already provides automated procedures that only the user can access holder, manage and delete their data in total security. For more transactions or requests please contact us directly at


Osteria da Giovanna reserves the right to modify this information for the sole purpose of improving the protection of your privacy. We undertake the utmost seriousness and transparency to this the date of publication will be always at the bottom of this notice, as well as links to the texts of previous versions.

This privacy policy was published last 1 gennaio 2006.
There are no currently versions precenti.
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